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Our Patent 

The dial and its components

The dial in relation to its movement with the use of a mouse and PlayStation controller

our story 

    Block Chop Studios was established by three college students in the summer of 2018 in San Marcos, Texas. All three of us have been best friends since the 4th grade and our passion for video games has always united us. We really enjoyed playing the 2012 release of Chivalry: Medieval warfare by Torn Banner studios and we were captivated by the swordsman genre. Although we liked the game, we knew it could be done even better. We soon developed a vision to make our own multiplayer melee game that was at its core a skill based, dynamic, blood bath.


      Our senior year of high school we designed the Samurai’s Edge dial and began the process of applying for a patent. By the time we reached our sophomore year of college our patent application was accepted and we decided to drop everything and spend our whole summer developing Samurai’s Edge. Since then, we have put a pause on school so that we can make our dream a reality. Throughout these months of development, we are committed to delivering a project that exceeds expectations. We have realized how special Samurai’s Edge is and we are more than excited to share our game with the community.


    We are launching a Kickstarter in 2019 to obtain the funding needed to take on a project of this size. We are college students who have been paying for this project out of our own pocket so to be able to sustain our progress we’ll need donations from our fans who believe in Samurai’s Edge and want to see it come to life! If you are interested in our project please visit our website and subscribe to our mailing list and discord to stay updated!

From left to right: Cameron Wilson, Griffin Chambers, Myles Dobbs in 2007 and the same picture recreated in 2018

Myles Dobbs - lead programmer, Co-founder

Griffin Chambers - Creative Director, Co-Founder

Cameron Wilson - Head of marketing, Co- Founder